Cure with Images


Transforming power of the Unconscious by images.

Reprogram the Thoughts.

Reverse negative images.

The unconscious depends on your faith.

Cause-effect relationship between illness and what was happening in the life of the patient.

Use your mind and emotions (patients) to alter the development of malignant diseases.

Few people in our culture have learned to deal with emotions and feelings.

While the patient survives, his quality of life is very important.


The mind, body, and emotions can collaborate together to generate health.

Many doctors consider the placebo one of the most powerful medicine in existence. (placebo effect)

Yogis and mental powers.

The images are associated with an organic activity.

Patients feel alienated from their families because they can not openly discuss their concerns.

The information about the thoughts and feelings that occur when the health is deteriorating is the most precious of all.

The findings are also very uncertain and the responsibility is enormous.

Patient's needs: caring for himself as much as possible, maintain the dignity and independence whenever possible.

Exercise and [consume] fewer calories.

Relationship of the patient, family members, doctors, nurses, and priests with the theme about death.

NOTE: Translation of original text handwritten in Portuguese. Underlines are from the original text.


Parte 4: The Doctor-Patient Relationship