Eternal Spiritual Truths (I)


Transmigration of the soul and the law of action and reaction [Karma].

All fear arises from the artificial thought that there is something in existence that is not under the strict control of the Benevolent Supreme Lord.

Krishna [God] is the Supreme Controller Who knows everything, and no one knows.

Cosmic law is fair and impartial.

Whatever state of being is remembered when leaving the body, that of someone at the time of death, he reaches the same state [in his next life]. [Bhagavad] Gita 6.08

Subtle elements, mind, intelligence and ego, which combined is called consciousness, and in death they carry the small particle of spirit soul to another body, in order to enjoy or suffer according to the activities of the person.

"O Krishna, allow me to focus only on Your beauty."

In ancient India, the cradle of mysticism and human spirituality, great sages, mystics, and people interested in spiritual life, were able to reach throughout the ages the highest perfection by following the principles of this culture.

If the Absolute Truth does not speak, how can a relative truth speak?

The Gita is relevant for the entire world. Spiritual means Universal. Krsna is explaining universal things [in the Bhagavad-gita]  — this is the value of the book. For all ages, all countries, all planets.

The authorized Vedic literature is the sound incarnation of the Personality of Godhead, and therefore the Vedic knowledge is perfect.

"O Krishna, allow me to focus only on Your beauty..." (Bhishma)

To be confident in my unique and eternal relationship with Krsna, God, and that there really is no cause for fear.

Disease in the body, medicine for the soul.

NOTE: Translation of original text handwritten in Portuguese. Underlines are from the original text.


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