Nova Chitrakuta



"By the grace of the Lord, each and every planet is created fully equipped. So not only is this earth fully equipped with all the riches for the maintenance of its inhabitants, but also when the Lord descends on the earth the whole earth becomes so enriched with all kinds of opulences that even the denizens of heaven worship it with all affection. But by the will of the Lord, the whole earth can at once be changed. He can do and undo a thing by His sweet will."


—Srila Prabhupada, Srimad-Bhagavatam, 1.16.24, Purport


Mother Earth

1,400 meters above sea level
Pedrinhas, Guaratinguetá, SP

Hanuman Stone
Pedrinhas, Guaratinguetá, SP


"Human society, at the present moment, is not in the darkness of oblivion. It has made rapid progress in the field of material comforts, education and economic development throughout the entire world. But there is a pinprick somewhere in the social body at large, and therefore there are large-scale quarrels, even over less important issues. There is need of a clue as to how humanity can become one in peace, friendship and prosperity with a common cause. Srimad-Bhagavatam will fill this need, for it is a cultural presentation for the re-spiritualization of the entire human society."


—Srila Prabhupada, Srimad-Bhagavatam, Preface


Brahmana and Cows
Nova Chitrakuta

Nova Chitrakuta
Pedrinhas, Guaratinguetá, SP



"The Blessed Lord said: Fearlessness, purification of one's existence, cultivation of spiritual knowledge, charity, self-control, performance of sacrifice, study of the Vedas, austerity and simplicity; nonviolence, truthfulness, freedom from anger; renunciation, tranquility, aversion to faultfinding, compassion and freedom from covetousness; gentleness, modesty and steady determination; vigor, forgiveness, fortitude, cleanliness, freedom from envy and the passion for honor--these transcendental qualities, O son of Bharata, belong to godly men endowed with divine nature."


—Bhagavad-gita, 16.1-3


Spectacular view


Adi-lila loved hammocks


"Being purified by his intelligence and controlling the mind with determination, giving up the objects of sense gratification, being freed from attachment and hatred, one who lives in a secluded place, who eats little and who controls the body and the tongue, and is always in trance and is detached, who is without false ego, false strength, false pride, lust, anger, and who does not accept material things, such a person is certainly elevated to the position of self-realization."


—Bhagavad-gita, 18.51-53


Chitrakuta's flowers

Shelter of a special sky


"The sacred lakes like Puskara and places where saintly persons live, like Kuruksetra, Gaya, Prayaga, Pulahasrama, Naimisaranya, the banks of the Phalgu River, Setubandha, Prabhasa, Dvaraka, Varanasi, Mathura, Pampa, Bindu-sarovara, Badarikasrama [Narayanasrama], the places where the Nanda River flows, the places where Lord Ramacandra and mother Sita took shelter, such as Citrakuta, and also the hilly tracts of land known as Mahendra and Malaya—all of these are to be considered most pious and sacred."


—Srimad-Bhagavatam, 7.14.30-33




(1) adau mata: the first mother, to whom we are born.

(2) guru-patni: the wife of the spiritual master.

(3) brahmani: the wife of a brahmana.

(4) raja-patnika: the wife of the king.

(5) dhenu: the cow, she gives us milk.

(6) dhatri: the nurse.

(7) prthvi: the earth.


prthvi: The Earth

"You get all your necessities of life from the earth. Now, you get food, you get drinking water, you get shelter, bamboo. You get cotton. Roti [bread] is there, kapara is there, and makan is there. And wherefrom it is coming? Sarva-kama-dugha mahi. From earth. Why you are after factories? The mother earth is giving you everything. Therefore she's called mother. [There are] seven mothers... One of the mothers is this earth. Dhenu dhatri tatha prthvi sapteti matari smrtah. Dhenu means cow, and dhatri means nurse. Tatha prthvi. Prthvi means this land. So they are taking care of the land, nationalists, and killing the other mother, dhenu [cow]. A rascal civilization.


If you are taking care of mother, you must take care of all mothers. No, they are mad after the land, but killing the other mother, dhenu. This is called rascaldom. give all comforts to the human brother, and they are sending the animal brother to slaughterhouse. What is this Communist? If you are Communist, if you are equal to all your brothers, why you should discriminate? And our communism is that even there is a snake in your home, you must see that he is not starving. This is spiritual communism. Nobody likes snake. Everyone kills. But sastra says, 'Even a snake is there at your home, you must see that he's not starving.' This is communism, perfect."


—Srila Prabhupada, Mayapur Walk, 5 de Março 1976


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